Welcome note

Shutter Voices is a personal project in an effort to explore along with other fellow photographers the origins and the sources of photographic inspiration. As this site progresses, I will try to explore several aspects of the photographic medium as a means of creating artistic results. Professionals usually work on a project and try to achieve a satisfactory result for their clients, either directly or indirectly. They work on specific subjects, under specific conditions and their motive is clearly to create a technically and aesthetically acceptable result, not necessarily by themselves, but by their employers. But what about the rest of us? Why do we take pictures? What do we try to achieve? Do we like the process? Do we suffer from gear acquisition syndrome (i.e. GAS) and do we always feel the need to have nothing but the latest and greatest in our arsenal? Do we get some kind of excitement when we review our photos at the end of a walk or a trip? Do we use it as a simple way to document our lives, our loved ones or places that we associate with nice memories? How many of us use photography to present reality in a different and unexpected way? What is the relationship between photography and art? Could we consider such a simple medium like photography to be one of the fine arts, and if so what is the relationship of photography to other arts? Those are only a few of the questions that I will try to deal with and also many others of a similar nature. However, cameras will only be discussed as photographic tools and nothing more. Detailed technical reviews of photographic gear or debates like film vs. digital or Brand A vs. Brand B are outside of the scope of this exploration, so if you are looking for recommendations about what is the best camera or the best lens or anything of that sort, you might be disappointed. But on the other hand, you may also find it liberating. Of course, commenting is highly encouraged; however, I intend to keep control of the comments before they are posted, only for the sake of relevance and coherence with the general flow of the content.

Prepare yourselves for a great ride.

E. G. Skorpideas

DISCLAIMER: I have no connections nor am I receiving any sponsorships whatsoever from any gear suppliers, equipment retailers, or other kinds of advertisers. All gear that I may refer to, belongs to me and I have personally tested it according to what is important to me and not by any scientific methodology. This site is and will remain completely ad free, with the exception of some Amazon links, in case the reader would like to kindly use them as a means of financial support to this effort.